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No matter how high-end your watch it is, there will always be damage for all kinds of reasons, maybe it is artificial reason, or maybe it is possible because your too long that cause the natural damage. Whether what kind of the damage it is, we don’t want to see and don’t want it happen, so all of the consumers  hope the watch enterprises can provide good warranty service, and can make their lovely watches restorable by the hands of professional watch makers. The consumer groups of rolex look alike watches are broad, and the after-sale service quality is also very good. To understand the basic situation of the Rolex watch warranty together, just follow me here!

Rolex watch warranty service

Authentic Rolex watches have global group card, and where are watch model and movement number on the card, people who holds the card can enjoy Rolex coinsurance services around the world, including maintenance of washing oil, movement maintenance, dial maintenance services of non-artificial damage, as long as it is within the Rolex special repair shop around the world you can enjoy the service, unless it is fake watch. General term of warranty service is two years.

Rolex watch global maintenance services

To ensure that each meter after leaving the Rolex watches factory conforms to the original function and aesthetic design specifications, Rolex specially sets a maintenance program. Each movement after detailed examination, and watch case and watch chain after the finely polished can reproduce the original color and luster. In addition, for Rolex watches, through strict timing and waterproof test of, the quality are guaranteed, and it is accurate and reliable. After being repaired, keep in mind for you to manually wind your Rolex watch at the first wearing. Please unscrew the crown first to the watch chain position, clockwise about 20 times, and the crown carefully backspin to original position of the watchcase to ensure that the waterproof function is not affected.

Written by Norman on December 16th, 2014