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Being a world famous watch makers, Tag Heuer is more and more gaining its popularity. If you are a fan of Swiss Watches, you may have interests on knowing about the spokespersons of Tag Heuer. Here let’s figure out together.

1)Chinese Famous Film Actor – Chen Daoming

Chen daoming acting film for many years, has been challenging his own role with unremitting pursuit, constant innovation, and the courage to break through yourself, and this is very consistent with the TAG Heuer characteristics.

According to Chen daoming himself, there is few opportunities for him to usually wear watch. But when filming the “Infernal affairs” he needed to wear a watch on the play, because of the high standard requirement of the role, he was not satisfied with the arrangement of the watches, Chen daoming himself went to a shop to choose this Tag Heuer watch, there is no story without coincidences. What Chen daoming chosen then is TAG Heuer Monaco wrist watch.

replica tag heuer formula 1

replica tag heuer formula 1

2) The F1 driver winner – Jenson Alexander Lyons Button

Button, the British F1 driver on the track to defend the title of honor for the world champion. He, like many drivers started his racing career in the karting plug, however, however, he was different from most of the drivers, he won the European Super A title when he was only 17 years old, and also had outstanding performance in the British F3 series, and logically joined the big family of F1in the year of 2000. And his brave temperament and determination of the enterprising spirit comes down in one continuous line with the replica TAG Heuer, and became the voice of tag heuer formula 1 in 2010.

For Button, time is not a commodity, every second of every tiny moment can change his career. He said: “it is my pleasure to be the spokesperson of TAG Heuer, because it is such a bold breakthrough wrist watch, which is adhering to the insistence of timing accuracy and innovation for 150 years.”

Written by Norman on March 11th, 2015